Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Stressed out Tuesday

Whew - I hate snafus. I know, who doesn't. I got a second denial letter from my FSA provider for a claim I sent in properly. The first time they said I hadn't signed the form. I had a fax confirmation form showing that the form was properly signed. I called. A nice young man told me what I needed to do. I did it. Got a denial form yesterday because I hadn't sent the receipts along with the form which the young man told me I didn't have to do if I put the reference # of the signed form. Sigh. I think it's been straightened out.

Then last night I went to sleep ok. Woke up at 1 something in the AM and could not go back to sleep. I did all the things I know work to get myself back to sleep and none of them worked. I counted my breaths. I read. I remained awake. So this morning I didn't want to get up. I hit the snooze. I talked to myself about getting up. I hit the snooze alarm again. Finally I told myself that if I got up, got dressed, and walked to work I could have a container of chocolate skim milk. I walked to work in 38 minutes (counting all the lights I had to wait at) and got my chocolate milk. It tasted so good. I told myself that the rest of the day would feel better because I got in my exercise. So here's to less hassle and more relaxation.
BTW - I have the t-shirt with the cat on it. I get lots of comments when I wear it.

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  1. love your walk to work! mine takes 30 minutes.....and sometimes if i am having a hard day i tell myself i can stop for a latte :)