Friday, April 2, 2010

Walking the walk, Part 2

My walk home wasn't as easy as my walk to work. I was walking directly into 30+ mph winds which were stirring up tons of dust. The dust got in my eyes which are dry anyway. That was no fun. I felt like I was walking much slower even though it only took a couple of minutes longer to go the same distance. I think I'm going to like walking. I know it will be good for me. Today was spring stormy - rain, thunder, wind... so I drove but I'm going to buy some paraphernalia to make it easier to walk in the rain. Like shoes without holes and maybe a poncho or a raincoat (do they still make raincoats?) This is a long-time adventure not a quick fix. Wish me luck.

More later...

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  1. Hi Johanna,

    Nothing like a spring storm to ruin your walking plans, huh? Keep up the good work!