Friday, November 4, 2011

Things I'm lovin' right now

  • Fall - taking long walks through the multicolored leaves
  • Barnes & Noble - just spending a Saturday afternoon browsing in the books and reading all the magazines I can't afford to buy
  • Spending time with my daughter and baby grandson, Ivan, who's 6 months old (see photo above)
  • Pumpkins - on my porch, in a smoothie, in pie, pancakes, in a bowl, in a glass or any old way
  • Coffee drinks - I'm addicted to skim, sugar-free, non-whip vanilla lattes
  • Twitter - mostly reading other's tweets
  • Cookbooks - I have 80 at last count
  • My front porch - I love to sit out there and read magazine
  • Magazines - I won't tell how many I subscribe to but it isn't enough no matter how many there are

What are you lovin right now?