Friday, July 10, 2009


Today I am doing much better. I got up on time and made it to the library by a little after 7 to read blogs and email. I had a yogurt mess of 1/2 c Bear Naked Granola Triple Berry Crunch FIT, 1 c low-fat vanilla yogurt (Kroger brand), and 1/2 c organic blueberries. I like that combination. Sometimes I add almonds but I'm out. I also had a can of Diet Dr K. Then at 8:24AM I went to work. Work. work. work. and then it was time for lunch. Not much choice of healthiness in the cafeteria today. Friday's are like that. I got a salad with lettuce, carrots, red & green peppers, cucumber, mandarin oranges and some chicken breast with just a little dressing. I also got a big cup of cut-up fresh fruit. Yummo! This afternoon I'm drinking water. I've got a 32 oz cup and I fill it with ice and water from the ice machine and sip on it all afternoon.
I have also managed to do the "Computer & Desk Stretches" from Bob Anderson's book Stretching twice and am looking forward to a 45 minute yoga series from Yoga Journal this evening. Next week I'm going to work on getting in some good cardio.
Have a wonderful week-end...

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  1. I recently bought the red Bear Naked granola and I am really enjoying it. It is not sweet at all, like some of them can be.

    Have a good day!