Friday, July 24, 2009

TGIF - Take Two

I am very pleased with my food intake yesterday. I was up on fresh foods and felt good all day. For breakfast I had my usual granola, almond, blueberries and vanilla yogurt. I drank an actual diet coke. It tasted quite strong. I'm getting used to not drinking soda except for the one in the morning. I don't drink coffee so the diet coke is my caffeine for the day but since we got an ice machine I may cut out that morning pop.

For lunch I made a Hugh Jass salad from the salad bar. It had leafy greens, summer squash, cucumbers, carrots, broccoli and sunflower seeds. I popped open a light Italian dressing package and used it all (25 cal worth). Then I read the label. The third ingredient down was high fructose corn syrup. It really is ubiquitous isn't it? I also had a large cup of fresh summer fruits.

When I got home I fixed a green monster as an after work snack. I wasn't hungry til almost 8PM. Green monsters are quite filling. After Bones (the TV show) I fixed a plate with raw baby carrots (I'm addicted), a Lean Cuisine panini which was absolutely delicious and a bunch of green grapes. Then I read Julie and Julia til I fell asleep.

More later...

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