Wednesday, July 15, 2009


For the next ten days I'm going to post everything that I eat and drink. I enjoy others' blogs when they state what they're eating. It's interesting to see how everyone is doing. So, happy humpday, here's a start.

This morning I had my usual go-to breakfast of:

1/2 c Kroger brand low-fat granola with raisins (I usually use Bear Naked Granola but I'm out and haven't been able to get to the one store that carries it. The Kroger brand is actually very good but the raisins are hard and I don't like them with the blueberries)

1/2 c frozen organic blueberries

a sprinkle of sliced almonds

1 c Kroger low-fat vanilla yogurt (I don't measure the yogurt so I'm approximating)

1 12 oz can Big K diet Dr. K

I'm feeling so good. My energy level is increasing. It's hard to explain but everything is falling into place and I like it. I know that progress isn't linear but at least the goodness is increasing. Little steps = big change.

Last night I was reading Eating Well (the issue with the watermelon on the cover). It's a good magazine. Found a couple of recipes to try. Wish there were some raw food magazines. "Our" day will come...

One of the blogs I read faithfully is Health, Happiness, and Hope. Heather's lifestyle is very inspirational to me. She's having surgery on her feet this week so everyone send healing thoughts her way and hop on over and check out her blog.

More later...


  1. Thank you SO much for that beautiful shoutout Johanna! I truly appreciate all your support so much!!! It's wonderful to know that I have such great friends like you backing me up in this surgery.

    Sounds like a fun idea with posting all your eats for the next days. It's addicting, trust me! :)


  2. Hey Johanna! I'm glad you're feeling so good :)
    Actually there are a few raw magazines. One is from the UK and is called Get Fresh. Another one is Purely Delicious.