Thursday, July 23, 2009

Daily Eats

Happy Thursday Folks.

My co-worker loaned me her copy of Folks yesterday and told me I'd laugh my socks off. Well, I watched it and I'm no longer wearing socks. ;-)

For breakfast my usual granola (I'm going back to Bear Naked after this box and I don't care that it's more expensive), with sliced almonds, organic frozen blueberries and vanilla low-fat yogurt. I've found that this breakfast holds me quite well 'til lunch and it's delicious to boot.

At lunch the cafeteria was having a luau so I had a fresh off the grill hamburger with lots of curly lettuce and tomatoes and a big cup of watermelon and pineapple mixed. I got hungry about 2:00PM and had an out-of-date yogurt. I don't remember what flavor. Then at 3:00PM I ate my daily Larabar. I had the Pecan Pie flavor. I could really taste the dates in this one, only 3 ingredients: dates, pecans, and something else.

When I got home I took out the trash, fed the cat, and fixed a big green monster. Then I sat down to read Texas Monthly and the latest Pillsbury cookbook (the one you can get at the check-out lane at the grocery). I used to love looking at all the pictures of food and now I'm finding that most of that stuff no longer appeals to me. I'm changing.

Later I fixed some raw baby carrots, an Almond Chicken lean cuisine, and a bunch of grapes. I also ate a half cup of Edy's slow churned lite ice cream. The container is now empty.

I did a great upper body workout. Lots of stretches and 5 lb weights were involved. My muscles were humming by the time I finished. I love workouts like that.

Today I'm going to focus on getting more fruits and vegetables. The last couple of days I haven't eaten as many serving and I find that I am missing them.

More later....

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