Thursday, August 27, 2009

Today's eats

Tho't I'd get in a post about my food and exercise for the day.

For brekkie I had a half-cup of Krogers low-fat granola (think I'm going back to Bear Naked cuz it doesn't have as many unpronouncable ingredients), half-cup of frozen organic blueberries and about a cup of Krogers low-fat vanilla yogurt. It was quick and tasty. I missed my almonds though. A trip to the grocery is in order this afternoon.

After I ate I walked around the perimeter of the hospital complex. It's about 10 blocks. It was in the 60's and it felt so good to walk. My lower back started hurting but I kept on going. I know the more I walk the less my back will hurt.

Just now, for lunch, I had a piece of white meat baked bar-b-q'd chicken, with a mixture of overcooked broccoli and cauliflower and a not so overcooked mix of green beans and carrots. I also got some fresh strawberries which I cut up and put a little stevia on them. Delish.

More later...

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