Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I did a great upper body workout yesterday evening. I used cans for weights and did 8-10 reps for each movement. I put on Collin Raye while I was lifting and then I danced for awhile to get some light cardio. It was fun and my shoulders and arms were humming. The cans were 16 oz each which isn't much but I'm just starting out. I've got some 3 and 5 lb weights which I'll start using soon - like next week.

Then this morning at Brekkie time, I tore open a bag of Bear Naked Granola in a new flavor - original protein. It smelled rancid which totally spoiled my appetite. I do plan on taking it back to the store when I get off this evening. It was $5+. They only had a few bags on the shelf so I'm going to assume that they're all from the same batch. Therefore I'm not going to ask for a replacement, I'm going to ask for a refund and then I'm going to go to another store where the Bear Naked granola is always fresh and tasty.

For lunch I went to the employee cafeteria. They had a Chili Bar (in this heat?). I made a Frito chili pie. I got a few chips. They also had a couple of kinds of french fries and fried potatoes but I chose the Frito's and put a couple of ladles of the chili and then a sprinkling of pepper jack cheese. Let's see how it effects my stomach this afternoon. Then there was only hard melon as a fresh fruit so I'll wait and eat my fruits at home.

I plan on getting a digital camera so I can share photos of my food more often but it will be a couple of weeks yet.

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