Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Essayer de vivre une vie saine

Trying to live a healthy life.

Today Caitlin at Healthy Tipping Point wrote about what she eats before a long run and I realized that I don't plan to eat anything before a walk. Of course, up until now, my longest walk has been just a little over an hour. I plan to drink water while I am walking but I don't fuel myself before I go. Maybe I am missing an important part of the process. So, I read her post and all the comments and the fuel seems to be a mixture of a good protein source with some carbohydrate thrown in for good measure. Oatmeal seems to figure prominently in many of the concoctions and I can't eat oatmeal. When I can walk again I'm going to make a point of finding a good pre-exercise meal to give me the strength and stamina to complete the walk without feeling so wrung out that I just plop down on the furniture and don't move for about 30 minutes. Anyone with any ideas that don't involve eggs or gluten let me know.

More later...

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  1. I don't always eat before a run, however I always do if it is a Long Run (anything over 4 miles) otherwise I hit a "low energy" wall about mid point. I love WW bagel or toast with peanut butter before a run or an energy bar. Plus a banana if I have time. =)