Monday, October 11, 2010

Early to bed...

Early to rise. I don't know why but I've been waking up around 4AM for the last couple of weeks. My alarm is set for 6:15AM so that's a BIG difference. I've been using the time to do such things as pick-up the house, sweep, do dishes, clean the bathroon and EXERCISE. This morning I rode my recumbent exercise bike, did 30 minutes of yoga on the mat, and did an entire upper body workout with 5 pound weights. 5's are really too light but I can't manage a full well-executed 8 reps with the 10's. I need to find some 8's. I'm really enjoying getting things done. I have so much energy. Then at sunrise I take a walk. This morning it was raining so I didn't but hopefully I can when I get home this afternoon. The orthopedic doc hasn't released me to do too much on my ankle so I only walk around my block but that's more than I could do a week ago. I see him in 2 weeks and I'm hoping he'll release me from some more of the restrictions. Wish me luck.

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