Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Not listening to your body?

This morning I woke up and wanted nothing more than to go back to sleep. It was late, considering the fact I’ve been getting up around 4:30AM, and all I did not want to get up. It took a few minutes but I got up anyway. I took my Calcium tablets which are supposed to be taken before a meal and got on the recumbent exercise bicycle. About 5 minutes into the ride I saw a lump laying in the living room floor. I had to get off to see what it was. I stopped the timer and walked over to the lump. It was a present from my cat – a freshly killed mouse. I disposed of the mouse and got back on the bike. I rode for a full 20 minutes. I felt better but still sluggish. It’s 10AM now and I feel like exercising. I’ve done two full Anderson stretching sessions (they last about 10 minutes each). One was meant to be done before you take a walk and one is titled Computer & Desk Stretches. Both felt really good. I have some energy now.

On the other hand – what about listening to your body. Wasn’t my body telling me that I needed sleep? Should I have listened to it and gotten a couple of extra hours? What about taking a day off every now and then? Isn’t that ok? I’m so new to all this that I don’t have answers, just questions. Any help would be appreciated.

More later….


  1. Taking a day off is more than ok- it's necessary :)

  2. I definitely think rest days are important, I take at least one a week. I think you should always listen to your body if it is hurting or feeling very, very tired. Keep up the good work!!!