Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Sunshine at last

Monday afternoon I went home, changed into my old shoes and walked the loop around the campus. It was dreary but there were a lot more people out in the late afternoon than there are on weekends. Guys zipping down the street on motorcycles at 40 mph without helmets. They need to spend time observing trauma cases in the ED. I stopped at one point to stretch out my lower back before starting up walking again. The achiness disappeared so stretching was a good decision. It took me a couple of minutes longer to make it home this go around. Then after I got home I had an episode of low blood sugar complete with chills. After eating some simple carbohydrates I got in the shower for 20 minutes with the water on hot. I finally warmed up. I haven't had to deal with low blood sugar since my doc took me off the glyburide. Guess I should let him know.

Today I walked to work in heavy fog. By lunch the sun had come out and the day is turning out pretty nice. After lunch I did about 15 minutes of yoga. I love warm muscles. I'm going to walk home then do 20 min on my bike. After reading Ashley's race recap over at Healthy Ashley on finishing her half-ironman last weekend I'm inspired to do a brick. At least I think that's what they call it.

More later...


  1. gosh that is so great that you are not having any blood sugar problems! yay and so happy the sun is out....it is not here :(