Monday, May 3, 2010

It's a new day

Exercise-wise - excellent weekend

Food-wise - ugh

Saturday I joined the NAMI group walking around the campus. I kinda held back and let them go ahead so that I could walk at my own pace. It was warm and sunny. I used sunscreen which ran into my eyes. I see sportscreen in my future. I didn't time myself but I know I kept up about a 2.8 mph pace for most of the walk. My eating wasn't good. I had two peanut butter sandwiches and about a half bag of white corn chips. No fruit or veggies except for a couple of overripe bananas. Corn chex for breakfast with organic nonfat milk.

Sunday I stopped at the KwikShop just before I got to the campus and got a bottle of water with a pop top. I know, I know - bad plastic bottles. I needed the water thought and until I can get a green container to carry on my walks I'll reuse the plastic one. Time 1:01:59. That's counting the trip into the store so I imagine that took a couple of minutes. Eating not good again. I ate a whole bag of caramel rice cakes.

My weekend inspiration came from the May issue of Outside. I used to read this magazine all the time but let my subscription lapse when I quit taking care of myself. I picked it up at Barnes & Noble which is my favorite bookstore. I used to work there as a second job and I made good use of the 30% discount. This month there was an article on the Moab Utah bike race. It sounds like fun and I started making a list of things around Topeka that I could take part in. It was nice to make plans related to getting fit and healthy. In June there's the annual Tinman Triathlon. No, I'm not going to participate in the race itself but I'm going to volunteer to be a part of the event. I'm looking forward to watching the competition.

Today it's 1:20PM and so far I've eaten 6-7 servings of fresh fruit and veggies. I've got to keep them stocked at home because I know that by now if I have them available that's what I'll choose.

More later...

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  1. it seems like you made up for your bad weekend of eating....good job! also i am a fan of outside too :)