Monday, May 17, 2010

Please shine sun

We had a dark, cold, rainy weekend. I bought new shoes from Payless, browsed at Barnes & Noble, walked up and down Wanamaker (THE shopping street in Topeka) in the mist. I was glad I schlepped an umbrella around because when I got off the bus to walk back to my house it started pouring. I fixed a fresh fruit salad with lots of citrus to brighten the day and then hit the stationary bike for 20 min. I'm working on adding to the time I spend on the bike. I tried to pedal as fast as I could to work up a sweat. I've never been on a spinning bike so I don't have a feel for the cadence.

Sunday it was supposed to rain all day so I had my mind set on the bike again and maybe a yoga DVD but around noon the sidewalks were dry so I walked to and around the Washburn campus and got in a good hour. It felt good. I was dripping even though the temp was only in the 50's. Why don't I feel like I get as good a workout on the bike? I added romaine lettuce and baby spinach to what was left of the fruit salad. At least the food was springy.

I've started investigating a walking/hiking tour in Vermont for the fall of 2011. I found a company in the back of Outside magazine called Backroads that offers walking, hiking, biking, and multisport vacations all over the world. I sent for one of their catalogs and have been dreaming ever since. As soon as they publish the dates for 2011 I'm going to make a reservation and look forward to doing this. Working toward having the fitness to walk 5-7 miles a day for several days consecutively should keep me motivated. They have trips for all fitness levels. I chose a lower one for my first adventure. (BTW the photo is from their catalog)
More later...


  1. oh i have always wanted to try a backroads trip! also i love payless for shoes ;)

  2. A walking trip sounds really great. Right now I have a friend in Europe doing something similar and it sounds amazing. The best part for me would be burning all those calories and then eating delicious, gourmet food! :)