Monday, May 10, 2010

Shunga Trail

Saturday afternoon was beautiful. The sky was blue, the sun was shining, and the wind was light and cool. I did 43 minutes around the neighborhood. At first my legs felt very heavy and I didn't think I'd make it very far but after I'd warmed up a bit the heaviness left and I enjoyed the rest of the time. In the morning I took the bus to Hy-Vee to stock up on things I can't find anywhere else in town, e.g. Fage yogurt. I absolutely love their honey one and the good news was it was on sale for $1.49 instead of the $2.49 I paid last time. They also have two aisles of gluten-free products which I enjoyed looking over.

Sunday I walked part of the Shunga Trail. It's paved but it runs along Shunga Creek and is very pretty (see photo of an unpaved section). The trail runs pretty much from one side of Topeka to the other. I did a good 50 minutes and the time passed very quickly. I was surprised I'd been gone for that long. I'll have to walk that way again. I also did some yoga and stretches in the afternoon before my daughter came by for Mother's Day. We both missed Grandma. This was our second mother's day without her.

Today I've done the stairs from the basement to the 7th floor twice. I saw a story on a race up the Hancock building in Chicago and it's 96 floors. Whew. Something to shoot for. When I was 18 a group of girls went on a trip to New York City and walked up the Empire State Building. I don't remember how many floors it was but about 18 of us did most of the way up. I was younger then.

Enjoyed catching up on your posts this morning. Happy Monday...


  1. oh what a great weekend! so sorry the weather is not cooperating today but it sounds like you got some good workouts in today :)

  2. I always get SO excited when I find greek yogurt on sale! :) It can be so expensive otherwise!