Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Some yogurts have gluten

I just checked Stonyfield website and it says
that all their yogurts are gluten-free except for
Yo-Baby plus cereal. I'm going to write to the
publisher of the book I read which said that
Oikos was not gluten-free. Am glad that I
can go back to enjoying Oikos again. Thanks for the

I'm sad. I can't eat Oikos anymore because it has gluten. What is gluten doing in yogurt? Regular Stonyfield is ok thank goodness. I love their new pumpkin pie flavor. It's really pumpkiny and not all full of spices (I like spices in pumpkin but this way is good too.) I find myself eating a lot of yogurt these days. At least one container every day. I think the little active cultures help with my tummy troubles and besides - it tastes good. I'd probably eat Fage everyday but it's too expensive. It's over $2 for an individual sized container. I do love it with honey though. Believe it or not I'd never eaten honey before I discovered Fage. YUM!

More later...


  1. I'm curious why you think the Oikos yogurt has gluten in it. There is nothing in the ingredients that indicates it has gluten. I've also received emails from the company (Stonyfield Farms) that says "Oikos Greek yogurt contains no gluten- it’s certified gluten free!" Am I missing something?

  2. I'm so glad Heather commented to let you know that most of their yogurts are gf! They are certified by GIG's GFCO, which means they are 10 ppm or less. I never have problems eating products certified by the GFCO. I do think Stonyfield should make the gf status more prominent on their website though. I had to do a search on gluten free to find the info when I looked. Anyway, enjoy your yogurt!


  3. I just found Oikos a couple of weeks ago. I love Fage, but at $2.50 a serving it's a little restrictive on my budget.
    I did find, and maybe you should look for, Fage in a larger container. For me it was about 3 servings at $5.99. Which is a bit of a savings. Obviously, this wouldn't be good to take to work, but for home it's perfect. One of my employees Mom made some granola, so I'm eating it with granola and local honey. Delicious!!