Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Amy's Kitchen

I've used Amy's products off/on for several years. There was only one store in town that carried their products back then - now there are two. One is a big Hy-Vee. The other is a good sized health food store called Akins Natural Foods. I checked out Amy's website today and they have a PDF file available listing their gluten-free products. I bought the Mexican Casserole Bowl. The box says no gluten ingredients which I'm almost certain doesn't mean 100% gluten-free. There's possibly some cross contamination going on. I ate it anyway. It tasted like the homemade tamales we bought on the street corner in New Orleans back in the day. I enjoyed eating it and will buy it again. I plan on using the PDF file to ask the stores to stock more of the gluten-free products. For example the Lentil soups. I didn't react to the Mexican Casserole Bowl. Hope that's a good sign.

More later...

More later...

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