Thursday, April 8, 2010

Crescent City Classic

My first (2nd, 3rd, etc.) 10K was the Classic in New Orleans. Back then the route started in the French Quarter went up Prytania Avenue through the Garden District and ended up in Audubon Park near the river. High school bands were stationed along the route to cheer you on with rousing music. I remember walking under the finish banner for the first time. I threw my hands into the air and I was so supercharged with excitement. Those of you who have done races know what I mean. It was a fun run/walk and I enjoyed walking it for many years. The route has now changed but it still starts in the quarter and ends up in a beautiful park. Anybody wants a good excuse to go to New Orleans - do the Classic. This year it was on April 3 and I'm in Topeka but I thought about the racers and some year I'd like to go back and do it again.

More later...

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  1. oh it sounds like a great race....if only i could have gone to NOLA....what fun!