Tuesday, September 1, 2009


I’m trying very hard to not think of foods as bad or good. I’m trying to eat the next right thing. Some days are harder than others. I think of other healthy living bloggers and try to make the choices I think they would make. I use the choices they have blogged about as an inspiration for my own choices of food and exercise. I am learning to like the lighter feelings I have when I eat fresh fruits and vegetables and whole grains. No more brick in the stomach and discomfort all afternoon and evening. I enjoy moving and stretching while watching my yoga DVDs. I enjoy long walks around the neighborhood and am looking forward to the change of seasons. I take one decision at a time and try to make the best choice I can given the circumstances of my life at that moment. I am growing and that is good.

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  1. Yes, making progress is always good. But remember that we aren't all perfect either. It's ok if you let things slip once in a while, as long as you keep it healthy for the most part! Take one step at a time. Best of luck :)