Thursday, June 18, 2009

I finally got some sleep. My co-worker, Sherry, loaned me her copy of Bucket List and I fell asleep watching it. I'm not much of a Jack Nicholson fan but I do like Morgan Freeman. I enjoyed what I saw of it so I'll finish it tonight. I have a sort of bucket list in the front of my day planner. I'll share it in my next post and yes, I keep everything in my day planner.

I ate totally raw for dinner last night. I had veggies leftover from the cucumber rolls so I made a salad. It had chopped cucumber, red pepper, carrots and a scoop of raw hummus. I also had a big piece of watermelon. I woke up in the middle of the night hungry but I decided I needed sleep more than food so I waited 'til breakfast this morning. My alarm went off at 6AM. I hit the snooze button and slept for 15 more minutes. Got ready for work and got to the library at about 10 minutes before 7AM. Since then I've had my granola, yogurt and blueberry mess, read my email, and listened to Adam's music while writing this post. I don't have to punch in 'til 8:30AM. Luxury.

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