Friday, January 28, 2011

Upper Body Time

I keep singing "It's upper body time, it's upper body time" to the tune of the Howdy Doody theme song. I know, I'm really dating myself. Since I can't do much cardio due to the tear in my meniscus (at least til after I get the cortisone shot next Tuesday) I've been focusing on doing upper body strength work.

I'm doing dumbell lifts to strengthen my forearms, biceps, triceps, shoulders and upper back. I love weight work. I do 3 sets of decreasing reps 15-12-10 using 5-10 lb weights. It's a pretty good workout. I follow it with some good old fashioned stretches from Bob Anderson's book Stretching for about 15 minutes. My muscles are nice and warm and tingly after that. I've used his movements for many years and they never fail me.

I do the weight workouts on alternating days and the stretching everyday. Love it!

More later...


  1. Upper body workouts make me feel buff! I used to have a weak one until I started dedicating 1/2 my strength training to push-ups alone!

  2. oh i love this johanna! strength training is so good for you. i really believe it does more for you than cardio. good for you! your workout sounds perfect :)

  3. What a fANNEtastic button you have there ;)

  4. i need to take my lead from you! i love cardio but not so much the strength training...although i know it's so good for you. keep up the good work! alternating days of weights and stretching is a solid plan!

  5. I am loving Appetite for Reduction - just wish the salt content was better managed. There is nutritional info for every recipe though, so it is easy enough to adjust salt and miso and know how much sodium is in the recipe.

    My husband gave me Appetite for Reduction for Christmas because he knows I love Veganomicon - but I am a huge fan of checking out cookbooks from the library usually. It is a good way to preview them so to speak. Perhaps your library carries Happy Herbivore, which is a low-fat vegan cookbook as well.