Friday, May 21, 2010

TGIF one more time

It's Friday (yay) and I get off an hour early because I had to come in at 7AM this morning. Tonight is the school of nursing pinning ceremony and it's kinda expected that we attend. It's not bad. The graduates get a pin which represents the school they attend and it's actually more important to them than the graduation ceremony on Sunday. There's good music, healthy food, and a lot of speeches and awards. Oh well, it's only twice a year. The photo is one of our nursing students from several years ago.

The sun was out last time I peeked and I plan to take a walk around the campus before tonight's event. Tomorrow I'm going to walk on the Shunga trail - outward for 45 minutes and back for 45 minutes for a 90 minute total. I haven't decided what I'll be doing on Sunday yet. Looking forward to reading the magazines I checked out of the public library - Outside, Runner's World, Backpacking, and Bicycling.

Have a exercise filled weekend...


  1. what great weekend wishes! exercise filled and great are the same for me. hope your weekend was equally "great."

  2. looks like you had some great workouts planned for this weekend. that trail sounds hard......hope you enjoyed your magazines too :)