Monday, December 7, 2009

More Amy's Kitchen

I've decided to start bringing my lunch every day instead of trying to run the gauntlet at the cafeteria. Today I nuked Amy's Garden Vegetable Lasagna. Printed on the front of the box is "No gluten ingredients" but on the list of ingredients it mentions that the meal has been processed in a facility which processes foods containing wheat. I'm not 100% sure what that means but I really enjoyed this product. The tomato sauce was excellent, the noodles a little limp, but the flavor over all was good. I think next time I'll heat it for the full 5 minutes because it was a little cold in the middle - not Amy's fault, mea culpa all the way.

If anyone has any good ideas of snacks and lunches to bring to work I'd love to hear them. Today I brought a golden delicious apple, Fage yogurt with honey, Back to Nature California almonds (heavenly), raw baby carrots, and a LaraBar. No, I don't plan to eat all of these today but at least I have something to eat when I get hungry. I don't want to give myself any reason to eat out of the snack machine or cafeteria. My food is tastier and healthier and above all GF.

More later...

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