Thursday, December 3, 2009

Boo Hiss

I'm never going to eat in our cafeteria again. I'm tired of spending the afternoon popping pain pills because of what eating gluten does to me. I was assured that my selections were fine by the cafeteria manager but whoa - PAIN. I had roast beef which was in broth (not gravy), mashed potatoes, and cooked carrots. Within a half hour I was starting to get that funny feeling which I now know indicates that my pain crisis will be starting. Having Celiac is going to force me to plan my meals ahead and not rely on the local cafeteria. I thought asking them would work but obviously cross-contamination is occurring. Sorry for the downer post.

More later...


  1. When it comes to your own health, you just can't trust anybody, even the self-proclaimed experts.

    Especially the self-proclaimed experts.

  2. That really stinks. Whenever I make things for my bake shop that are GF, I get out in the bakery before cookie production begins, I scrub EVERYTHING that I'm going to be using and make sure that it's all packaged and sealed before any flour comes out of the bins.
    PS I only make marshmallows, chocolate dipped macaroons, and meringue kisses. I find that gluten replacers are sooo expensive and only sold in 50# bags.