Sunday, August 15, 2010


Well guys, this is the second Sunday I have spent at Kansas Rehabilitation Hospital with a broken ankle. Two weeks ago (on my birthday of all days) I fell and broke it in two places. Had to have surgery and now have two titanium plates, a small brace and a bunch of screws in my right ankle. I am unable to put weight on that foot and will be for awhile so I am in rehab learning how to deal with living on one foot. I think I get out on Tuesday.

While I was in the hospital my house was robbed. They took all my appliances includeing my new window air conditioning unit and all my electronics. Going home will be a lot of fun.

Has anyone tried Theraband? I am in love with it. We use it in one of my rehab classes. I was surprised at the great workout I got. I'm looking for a book with some instructions so I can continue to use it at home.

More later....

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