Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Via's Pizzeria

Last week my daughter and I went to a pizza place which was featured in the local newspaper as having gluten-free pizza crusts. I was quite excited because I love pizza and was certain I'd never eat it again if the diagnosis came back positive for Celiac. The waitress was NEW. I asked about the crust and she told me I could get it in white or wheat. Wait a minute... wheat crust is gluten free? I ordered the veggie special 8 inch. The cost was $7.99 plus $2.50 for the special crust. I consider that to be expensive for a small pizza. The pizza was very good. The crust was all nice and crisp and the veggies and cheese were arranged artfully. I only ate half. The next night I nuked it for about 30 seconds. The crust was still good if not quite as crisp. I'll be back in spite of the comedy of errors which ensued. The waitress brought the check in one of those ubiquitous black folders. I placed my money in the folder and the waitress took it, brought me back my change and this is where it got interesting. I opened the folder, there was my change, my receipt and someone else's credit card receipt all nicely signed. I took the change without looking at it, returned the folder to the manager telling him that I'd gotten someone Else's receipt. He told me that he would give it to the correct party. When I got home I cleaned out my wallet and arranged my money. There was the $50 I had put in the folder, plus my change. I don't know why I was embarrassed but I was. I didn't want them to think I had walked out without paying so I called the restaurant and told them what had happened. Of course, the next day I returned to make it right. In spite of this craziness I will continue to patronize the establishment because I really liked their pizza.

More later...

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