Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Today I did a lot of hunting for and commenting on Gluten-Free blogs. I'm kinda changing my focus since the diagnosis of Celiac. I used to love looking at recipes but some of the fun has gone out of doing so because so many I shouldn't eat. Although I could still make them for others I wanted to find things that I could eat. So, I'm finding new sources. I'm looking for recipes that are GF. So today I went looking and I found quite a few really good blogs. If you're interested take a look at my blogroll. There have been several additions. I haven't deleted any cuz I don't plan on giving up on my favorite "reads". Again, I'm adding not taking away. That seems to be a theme with me.
For lunch I had a piece of salmon, some steamed veggies, and a banana. I'm already hungry so it's a good thing I have some yogurt in the fridge.
More later...

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