Wednesday, April 6, 2011

See what a free dozen eggs caused

I was shopping at my local grocery yesterday and because I had a coupon for a free dozen I was checking out the selections of eggs. This is a small grocery for 2011 and their selection isn't always the greatest but I go by it on my way home from work every day. Convenience wins out on some days. I observed that they had some labeled cage-free. I was surprised but I know that cage-free means just that. The chickens may not be in cages but they can still be overcrowded into large buildings. It doesn't have to mean humanely treated. I don't eat eggs for the most part. I use them in making other types of food like pancakes on occasion. So it's not an overwhelming issue for me. However, yesterday I was reading a new blog I've found called Nutrition By Carrie. I noticed she also authors another blog Carrie's Urban Farm. Her most recent post showed photos of her chickens. In one photo someone was holding one of the chickens and their feathers looked so healthy and shiny. I started reading her posts about her experiences raising them and caring for them and I decided right then that I want my eggs, even though I only buy a couple of dozen a year, to come from hens who are cared for like them. Yes, I picked-up a carton of the regular eggs (that's what the coupon was for) but I've become politicized about eating eggs. From now on I'm only going to buy eggs from humanely raised chickens from local farms. Living in Kansas I assume they are available somewhere within reason.

Off of the soapbox for now...


  1. Hi Johanna,

    Thanks for the mention! Raising chickens has been great fun, and really not too much work once the coop was built. I had been buying humanely raised eggs for years, and it feels great to be able to raise my own. Plus, chickens can be very entertaining ;-)

  2. yes me store bought hormone filled eggs-YUCK!

  3. that's a nice coupon score! i love when you can a) either get something completely for free (not just money off) or b) get something with money off that you would buy anyway.
    very cool that you've taken a stand re egg buying. i don't use many, either, and just pick them up in the grocery store...but next time i am at our local market, i would love to try some farm fresh eggs.
    glad you found carrie's website!

  4. This makes me :)

    Good for you!!