Friday, November 5, 2010

Thoughts of exercise

I’m going through a period where all I can think about is exercise and food. When I’m not actively in the process of exercise I’m reading about it. I read food labels on every little thing I buy. I bought honey yesterday that didn’t have a label and I wondered what was in it. I assume it was 100% honey but with no label who knows. I’m eating cleanly and it shows in my energy level and my desire to stay up off the couch. My new favorite magazine is Oxygen. It’s published by the same folks who publish Clean Eating. It doesn’t have all the fluff that some other fitness magazines have. I’ve even subscribed to it. Can’t wait until the next issue.

I’m starting to add elevation when I walk on the treadmill. I’m still not very fast after my ankle injury but I’m building endurance. Yesterday at 1.0 elevation and 2.2 mph it felt really good. I felt like I was working and not just rehabbing an injury. I think I might be in the market for a Garmin thingy. I like having all the data. Any suggestions from those who use one?

More later…

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  1. Good for you with all your changes! Good to know Oxygen is so great..